Judi and I are always amazed and touched by how many different peoples' live we are a part of. We received this e-mail Monday that made us both cry like babies and reminded us how precious life is.

Tracy and her family (SupportTracy)

Dear Dennis and Judi,

I would have called, but I know you always have the “no death rule” in place. My big sister, my best friend, Tracy just lost her battle to cancer. She was 46 years old and she and her husband have two boys and a girl, ages 17, 14, and 8.

Tracy and I have been avid fans of your show for years. We would often start our conversations with “did you hear on Dennis and Judi today…” We were both stay-at-home-moms, that are like minded to the two of you. If I went to her house during the day your show would be on, if she showed up at my house your show would be on and would stay on. 101.5 is button 1 on both of our car radios.

This week we are making arrangements for her funeral. This weekend I was sitting with family and her husband and two older boys talking about how she would like the visitation to be at the funeral home. I had told them I had been at two visitations at that home and in the front rooms they had music playing that their children liked. We thought this would be a good job for her oldest boy to take care of. So we started to make a list of songs and artists she liked. Of course, Bruce was on top of that list, but then we were stumped. Then, one of her sons asked if Dennis and Judi have a soundtrack that we could use. That’s what she would want to listen to, Dennis and Judi talking.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for entertaining us and that you two have touched the lives of so many people, especially my sister. If you’d like to learn more about her go to a site I created supporttracy.wordpress.com. I will miss her tremendously and I will miss being able to share your show with her.


Always listening,

Carrie Sullivan