The news parody website The Onion seems to have predicted Miley Cyrus' meltdown during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2008. We have the video proof.

Miley Cyrus arrives at the premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Bolt" in November, 2008 (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Miley made it very clear she is no longer Hannah Montana with her suggestive, tongue wagging dance with Robin Thicke during the awards show on Sunday night.

But a video by the Onion that has an upload date of  July 1,2008 warned that "unless Americans turn to alternative sources of entertainment, the 'Hannah Montana' star will soon be completely tapped out."

At the time, Disney was all about Hannah Montana with a TV show watched by 200 million around the world plus a tour, Hannah Montana movie and the animated feature "Bolt" with John Travolta.