A very special thank you goes out to our loyal listener Linda for creating a top 10 list that David Letterman himself would be jealous of.  Check out the list and see if you get all the references below.

Chris Swendeman/Townsquare Media

10. When your day is a little better if the radio is tuned to 101.5 between 10 and 2.

9. When your husband mentions the rainy weather forecast and you respond,,, in a CERTAIN voice "Theyre Never Right with Moisture"

8. When you know more about politics, NJ and National.. than you ever did, but are glad you do!

7. When you have a big yellow t shirt that for some reason you just cant throw away...

6. When you know why Dennis should NOT own a tiny dog in the WINTER!!!

5. When you not only know who Jean Luca is, but you spoke with him and Chris on air a zillion years ago...

4. When 'PATCHES" plays and makes YOU choke up!!

3. When you mention to your husband... 'Its like Sex For Boots" and he just looks at you confused...

2. You're with your daughter and view a girl with a skirt up to THERE and say "You can almost see her FINE CHINA""

And the number 1 reason.........

1. When someone is a bit teary you say "Are You Cryin????" in a certain VOICE


What other good reasons do you have? Keep the list going by adding to it in the comment section below!