Governor Christie put his signature to "Nikki's Law" on Wednesday, a law that requires the state to install signs reminding drivers it's against the law to text and drive in New Jersey. It also joins a list of named, or apostrophe, laws in New Jersey and around the country.

Nikki Kellenyi (YouTube)

The measure is named after Nikki Kellenyi, an 18-year-old Washington Township resident who was killed in an April 2012 vehicle crash.

Across the country, USA Today says there Jessica's Law, the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. There's Kendra's Law, Leandra's Law and Lauren's Law, three Jacob's Laws and at least three Laura's Laws.

Some of New Jersey's laws include:

Alex DeCroce’s Law - The law named after the late Assembly leader and close friend of Governor Chris Christie updates and strengthens New Jersey's existing Crime Victim's Bill of Right.

Janet's Law  - Named after Janet Zilinski, an 11-year-old from Warren who collapsed and died due to sudden cardiac arrest in August, 2006, the law requires schools to establish emergency action plans for responding to sudden cardiac events and training for school officials and coaches on how to operate an AED.

Joan's Law -The law, named after 1973 murder victim 7-year-old Joan D'Alessandro, mandates life in prison for killing children under 14 during a sex crime.

Kulesh, Kubert and Bolis’ Law - According to the South Jersey Times, the law is named  after several people: 89-year old Helen Kulesh who was killed in Union County by a person who was using a cell phone while driving; husband and wife David and Linda Kubert of Dover Township who were both severely injured by a driver who was illegally using a cell phone; and Toni Donato-Bolis of Gloucester County, and her unborn son Ryan Jeffrey Bolis, who died in a motor vehicle accident that was reportedly caused by a person who was using a cell phone while driving.

Matthew's Law - Limiting the use of restraints and seclusion for people with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries, it is named for the teen who had autism.

Megan's Law - One of the most well-known named laws requires law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders. It was passed following the rape and murder of Megan Kanka in Hamilton Township (Mercer County) by her neighbor Jesse Timmendequa.

Patrick's Law - Under the newly enacted law failing to provide an animal with food, water or other necessities would be a fourth degree crime, up from a disorderly person’s offense. If the dog dies as a result of the treatment, it would be upped to a third degree crime.

Irene Lenhart contributed to this report

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