There could be a change to the 65 mph speed limit on New Jersey's roads.

New Jersey Turnpike (Flickr User MPD01605)

Politicians are considering raising the speed limit to 75 mph on major roads in the state. Many drivers are in favor of a higher speed limit, but there are also several that are concerned about the possibility.

Several NJ drivers feel that a higher speed limit might be a solution to traffic jams on major roads. Also, it's common to see people driving 5 - 10 miles over the speed limit anyway, so an increase wouldn't cause any harm.Other states allow faster driving with higher fines for speeding and people in the Garden State would like to follow in their footsteps.

Some expressed concern that people would continue to drive 5 - 10 miles over the new speed limit, which could get dangerous. Drivers also point out that we are distracted as it is on the roads - we don't need a speed limit increase in addition to this.

Do you think the speed limit on New Jersey roads should be higher?