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Captain Underpants ranked #1 banned book
You know free speech is under attack when "Captain Underpants" is the most banned booked in America. The comic book style children's series outranked the racy "Fifty Shades of Grey" among books banned in America in 2013, after years of complain…
WATCH Russian Dash Cam Craziness
Have you ever noticed that a lot of crazy dash cam footage comes from Russia? The country's court system is so corrupt that insurance companies there require drivers to have the cameras installed in their cars to help prevent insurance fraud.
Miles for Mikey will benefit Mikey Nichols
This morning, Bob Whitlock called the Jim Gearhart Show to discuss 'Miles for Mikey.' The event will benefit Mikey Nichols, the Monroe Township High School hockey player who suffered a spinal cord injury while on the ice.

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