el rey de la noche y las ochenta

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1) Should a veteran who suffers from PTSD be allowed to bring his black lab service dog with him to a restaurant?

2) For guys who weren’t snipped at birth, have you ever had to be snipped later in life? A lawsuit claims an Alabama man had penis mistakenly amputated during circumcision.

3) Do you watch any of the “naked” TV shows?

4) Which newscasters catch your eye? Meteorologist responds to viewer who criticized her ‘tight-fitting’ dresses.

5) Ray the Ray – Heroes of the Day the Folks of the Mobile Meals of Westfield who hit the million-meal milestone after 46 years of serving the homebound

6) Do you support a “right to die” bill?

7) If you won the lottery – how would you divvy up the winnings? Which lottery games do you play and how much do you spend?

8) Which boardwalk in Jersey has the best food and where are the best restaurants at the shore?

9) Does the state make it impossible for you to set up a small business? Food Trucks have a hard go of it in South Jersey .

10) Should dog owners be required to clean up their dog’s poop on their own property? Is it too intrusive for the township to fine them, or is it the homeowners right to leave the poop where the dog drops it?

11) Would you support a total smoking ban at the shore?

12) Ever come across a haunted place in New Jersey?

13) Do you believe in psychics? And has a fortune teller’s prediction ever come true?

14) Haskell Invitational attracts 35,000 spectators – is horse racing dying and should we let it die out?

15) Have you ever gotten bagged for blowing through a crosswalk? Do you feel the program to ticket crosswalk violators is just a money grab?

16) Ever landed a better job after being fired? 'SNL' cast member Brooks Wheelan 'fired' after one season. Have you ever landed a better job than the one you were fired from?

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