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Following our “Ask the Governor” installment, we’ll do a “post-game show.”

Following that:

1) Do you feel the cops are doing enough to stem the tide of violent break-ins in parts of Middlesex Cty affecting Asian-Indian families?

2) Terminally ill 'death with dignity' advocate dies – would you support a “Death with Dignity” law here in NJ?

3) The Transportation Trust Fund is running out of money. Would you favor a gas tax hike now that gas prices are low? How much on average do you spend a month on gas?

4) Did you ever buy anything you thought would be one price only to find it was much more?

A patron at Bobby Flay’s at the Borgata wanted the waitress to suggest a bottle of wine. She tells the patron it’s 37-50. He thinks she means 37 dollars and 50 cents – it winds up costing 3 thousand 750 dollars. Should he have had to pay the 3 thousand 750 bucks, or should the restaurant have eaten it?

5) Do you have a favorite “mob movie” – David Chase is considering doing a “prequel” to the Sopranos. Did you have a favorite Sopranos episode?

6) Sesame Street marks 45th birthday- What was your favorite kid’s show growing up? Do your kids watch kids’ shows?

7) Is your Smart Phones a luxury or a necessity in NJ? And where are some of the places you’ve seen people using smartphones where they shouldn’t?

8) Now that Christmas shopping season is here, we’ll hear more stories of fights over parking spaces. Ever gotten into one? One Woman Stabbed to Death in Front Of Children in Dispute Over Parking Space.

9) The Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle at 10!

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