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1) WATCH: 34 years since the killing of John Lennon – where were you?

2) Ray’s Hero of the “Day” – Vineland Pearl Harbor survivor Stephen Acocella honored in a ceremony yesterday.

3) Should protests continue over Brown and Garner grand jury decisions? Do you believe the biggest danger to black youths is the cops?

4) Do you think the red light camera program is worth keeping in place? Where have you gotten bagged the most by red light cameras? There’s a fight to keep them in place in Newark.

5) The bear hunt is on as of yesterday. And since bear sightings have been on the rise along with bears breaking into homes – it’s time to cull the herd. Do we need to have it? Hunters look to add to 1,600 killed over past 4 years.

6) Was it worth your time to watch the Anaconda Man show on Discovery? Researcher and conservationist Paul Rosolie fails to get eaten alive. Did you believe him?

7) TV shows you binge watch - HBO to will release high-def version of 'The Wire' and if you never caught it, you’ll be able to catch the marathon starting December 26th.

8) What are your “must see TV” Christmas shows?

9) Is there any toy from back in the day that you’d bring back? Legos are becoming a hot item with adults who used to have them as kids.

10) Carbon monoxide poisoning kills 2, injures 12 in Passaic record studio – Do you feel there needs to be a regulation that smoke and CO monitors need to be everywhere – what say you?

11) POLL: Does Governor Christie have a chance of being elected President?

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