Recently New Jersey 101.5 hosted the Fast Tracks and Food Trucks Festival with Big Joe Henry back in April.

And as much as food trucks are a staple of the economy on the Rutgers campus, Manhattan, Philadelphia, and in parts of North Jersey – I was surprised to see that that’s not so much the case in South Jersey.

That it, not until now, where one enterprising woman from Haddonfield is trying to break ground.

Ginny Moles is latching onto the cupcake craze that has much of the country in its grip. She parks her truck, “Cupcakes 2 Go” adjacent to the Garden State Discovery Museum as well as other venues – and was surprised that the myriad of regulations makes it difficult for this former journalist to actually set up shop in a good many towns across South Jersey.

But then again, that’s Jersey for you. (Probably has something to do with how they want to shake you down for a piece of the action - but that's just cynical me!)

According to this:

Moles began her road toward the land of food trucks just a few years ago. She bought a truck on Craigslist, had it outfitted with a fancy logo — designed by a graphic artist she once worked with in her previous job — found a baker to work with, and set up shop.

Moles, who said she began her career as a journalist, needed a career change. And since she's not baking inside her truck, she's very flexible, she said.

At the Groovin' and Grubbin' festival a few weeks ago, Moles had six flavors to choose from: Old-fashioned chocolate, classic vanilla, red velvet, chocolate fudge peanut butter, chocolate caramel coconut and s'mores.

Although she's found many spots in South Jersey to park and sell her cupcakes, she said it has been challenging as well.

"I thought it would be a lot easier in South Jersey than in Philadelphia," Moles said. "But what I've found is that every municipality has different laws concerning food trucks. And that makes it difficult."
But despite these snags, she loves her new job selling these sweet confections.

What you have to love about Moles is her ingenuity in coming up with different recipes for different venues.

Just for the sake of silliness – were she allowed to park adjacent to the State Aquarium in Camden, would she be come up with a “fish cake” flavored cup cake. Or how about a "baccala brownie?"

Ok, just being silly.

But still, give her credit in trying to spread the food truck concept to a part of the state where they surely can florish.

Which ones do you frequent? Tell us in the comments section below.
And check out the video that Dennis and Dena shot while sampling some of the wares of one in particular.