Here’s a story from the files of “dog poop!” and what to do with it.
I’m sure you’d agree that you should be fined if you allow your dog to poop in a public area and not pick up after it.

How about if the dog owner allows their dog to poop in their own yard without picking up after it?

Is it too intrusive for the township to fine them, or is it the homeowners right to leave the poop where the dog drops it?

Well, that’s an ordinance that’s going into effect in the tony village of North Hills, Long Island.

According to a story from CBS2: Dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs on their own lawns could face fines of anywhere between $50 And $200.

The North Hills mayor’s office confirmed to CBS 2 that the law passed Wednesday night by a vote of 5-0.
The law will require homeowners to promptly remove dog poop from their own lawns, driveways and walking paths, place it in a plastic bag and dispose of it in a covered trash bin or face a fine.


The law came in response to a resident who complained that a neighbor wasn’t cleaning up after their dogs and the lawn was littered with feces. . .


. . . 'This law is likely to be subject to challenge because it does seem to be a bit intrusive, over the top, unnecessary,'” said Nassau animal advocate attorney Beverly Poppell.

I have to wonder how the local ordinance is going to be enforced.

Will there be surveillance cameras posted on the houses of adjoining properties to catch the offending dogs in the act without their masters cleaning up after them?

And what of the neighbors who may “have it in” for certain other neighbors – and throw a load of poop onto their lawn?

Just another law that means well with unintended consequences.

How about the neighbors in question work it out among themselves and leave the city fathers out of it?
Should dog owners be fined for not cleaning up after their dogs when they poop on their own property?