Governor Christie has taken a strong position that instead of sending non-violent drug offenders to jail, they should be sent to a rehab facility for mandatory treatment, and he's recommending the state spend more than $2 million dollars to get the program up and running.

Nevertheless, on the "Ask The Governor" program last night, Christie said he was not in favor of freeing John Ray Wilson - an MS patient who was caught growing pot in Somerset County.

Wilson said he was cultivating the stuff so he could smoke it and get relief from his painful autoimmune disease, but prosecutors still went after him, and a judge gave the man a 5-year jail sentence.

The Governor said, "There are a lot of questions that have yet to be answered about John Ray Wilson's activity - the amount of pot that he's been growing- was well beyond the amount of pot you would need for medicinal use for yourself, and his diagnosis has been brought into question - as to whether he really does have MS or not."

He also stressed that his staff has been looking into the matter and, "Based on the things that they have raised with me, in the report, the briefing they gave me- I am not inclined to give any clemency to John Ray Wilson -I mean unless something new comes up I think he's got to go to jail- and stay there."