With a few exceptions, most people get 1 hour  to eat their midday meal. You know what?  The reality is that's not happening.

Flickr / goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento)[/caption]There's a new study out that finds most folks take a half hour or less for lunch.

A staffing company, OfficeTeam, recently asked 400 office workers how they spend their time during lunchtime.

Thirty percent of the respondents said that they use their time for work.

Don't tell the boss, thirty eight percent admit taking more than an hour.

Sixteen percent say they grab a quick bite for about twenty minutes.

Nine percent take less than ten minutes.  It takes me longer than that to drink a glass of water.

During lunchtime twenty five percent surf the web, go on social media sites, or run errands.

Here's the kicker.  Only one percent say they devote the entire hour to eat lunch.

Here's what I take away from there findings:

There's a whole lot of people who are very hungry when they get home from work. Do you take a full lunch hour? Explain why or why not in the comment section below.