Dena Blizzard's play "One Funny Mother" is officially off-broadway and is set for the public premiere on April 14th. As a frequent friend and co-host of the show, Dennis & Judi were lucky to have her in studio.

Written, performing and starring Dena Blizzard,"One Funny Mother" will be playing at New World Stages in New York City. The performance schedule will be Thursdays beginning at 7 PM, and Saturdays beginning at 8 PM.

"One Funny Mother" follows the trials and tribulations of being a mother and raising kids. Dena explained how she "took the show back out of the closet", and that investors came up to her and said they wanted to bring the show back. You can hear the full origins of how the show got it's kickstart in the clip below.

It's not easy for someone to drop everything and pursue their dreams. "One Funny Mother" had always been a passion of Dena, but it took some negativity from one of her producers to push her to the limit. She said it was scary taking the leap, but the reward is totally worth it. Dena explains her full motivations behind the show in the clip below.

We're so proud of Dena, and always love when she comes into the studio. For tickets to the show and more information, visit

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