Saturday afternoon, Jersey skies were sunny and blue, the thermometer flirting with the 70 degree mark...and "FedEx Pat" was taking full advantage!

As I posted Saturday afternoon, it was the perfect day in New Jersey to "string up the lights."  In my little piece of the world, the coming Christmas holiday brings out the best in two neighbors.  Its a friendly competition to see who has the biggest light display.  And, the start of the competition is always eagerly awaited.

By last night, as promised, Pat was ready...but it was too light out before heading to do the Sunday night (7-midnight) show, to snap the first pictures.  Not so, tonight.

"FedEx Pat" puts up the whole display (above and below).  "Cornershow Bob" adds to his display almost by the day.

Bob's front yard...lets just say, so far, its.....dark.  We know a light bonanza is coming....soon?  Stay tuned, and stay patient, my friends!