The annual "rigging up the lights" in my neighborhood started early this year...and it continues, a-pace!

Sunday the traditional "Big Unveil."

And, so far, the schedule seems to be "on track."

FedEX Pat readies a "snowflake." (Craig Allen photo).

But, it hasn't been easy for FedEX Pat (and Mrs. FedEX Jen).

"Cornershow Ginni" & "FedEX Jen," and a frosty friend on Friday afternoon. (Craig Allen photo).

Pat missed hours of good-weather setup time on "Black Friday"...and Jen stepped in...

"That nose...that WONDERFUL nose!" (Craig Allen photo).

If you are reading this tight schedule saga in the Great Garden State, you will recall that yesterday (Saturday) was warm...but wet.

FedEX Pat "up on the roof" late Friday night...making up for lost time. (Craig Allen photo).

FedEX Pat tells me that he spent five hours on the the rain...yesterday!

Another empty "tool of the trade." (Craig Allen photo).

But...his roof is lined with multiple strings of lights...a first...along with the BIG star that has adorned the top of the house display for the past few years.

Like Big Joe...soon...FedEX Pat's roof will be view-able from OUTER SPACE!

The shooting star is ready to...blaze across the night sky! (Craig Allen photo).

As this afternoon winds down...

Don't lick these candy canes! (Craig Allen photo).

...there are just a few more candy canes to place.


The "Cornershow" is...ready? (Craig Allen photo).

...Down the street, on the corner, at "Cornershow Bob's" place, all is quiet.

"Mrs. Cornershow," Ginni, promises me that there is one last BIG ticket part of the display to the last minute...that people in their cars "will be standing on their brakes" to see.

Bring on the that these festive homes can "light up the night!"

"Frosty" can't wait for tonight! (Craig Allen photo).