My neighborhood looks forward to this night, every year! The BIG UNVEIL!

For the past few years, my neighbors "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" (and their wives) have put up "dueling" Christmas Lights displays.

(check out my article from earlier this afternoon, with "last-minute preparation" pictures, by clicking HERE.)

FedEX in the forefront...Cornershow to the left. (Craig Allen photo).

As you can see above, their homes are in view of each other...

This is known as a "friendly competition," because it the guys usually meet and talk up their ideas, over a frosty "adult beverage," before it all gets underway!

The Shooting Star was the big addition in 2013... (Craig Allen photo).

Well...they talk about almost everything...

Check out the roof! (Craig Allen photo).

This year, FedEX Pat's roof is lit in HUNDREDS of white lights...and can practically be seen from outer space!

Down the street...on the corner...

From ALL angle's Cornershow Bob's place is colorful! (Craig Allen photo).

...the PSE&G electric meter at "Cornershow Bob's" place is spinning...wildly (too)!

The reindeer stable...and more! (Craig Allen photo).

The house, and all the trees are...ablaze...

I see that famous the left...but... (Craig Allen photo).

...but...where is Bob?

Look...its the end of his landing strip! (Craig Allen photo).

I can only hope that Bob, and Ginni, are enjoying nice warm I come by with my camera!

Since the ladder is up..there must still be something to come.  It may even be up by the time that I am feverishly writing this photo article...BUT, I have a schedule, too...and the internet, and the radio station wait for no one. Not even me!

Mrs. Cornershow promised me that something REALLY BIG...would appear at the last minute tonight...

MY "last minute" just comes a bit TUNED...there's MORE TO COME!

In the meantime...

A smile...and an "adult beverage" say it all! (Craig Allen photo).

FedEX Pat is DONE...and as you can see, he is celebrating!

Guys..."May the POWER be with you." PSE&G power. Always!

We, your neighbors....(and, you, my New Jersey 101.5 listeners, and readers) are the ones that benefit!

"SEASONS GREETINGS," as FedEX Pat's yard sign says...

Total happiness, up in lights, as part of the Cornershow! (Craig Allen photo).

...and feel the JOY!

Merry Christmas to one and all!