For the past few years, "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" have been lighting up my neighborhood for the holidays...literally! 

"Up Close and Personal" with FedEx Pat's "Shooting Star." (Craig Allen photo).

Its more than a tradition, its an EVENT. Those of us who live here marvel as the lights go up...and then we marvel again, as they light up the cold, winter night!

And then there are the cars that drive slowly from near and far...those who have gone out of their way to enjoy the grand display(s).

It all begins in earnest during the long (and not always so warm) Thanksgiving weekend.

FedEx Pat "up on the rooftop, click, click, click..." (Craig Allen photo).

"FedEx Pat" strings up all the lights that weekend...and when he is done on Sunday night, that is it. No additions, no subtractions (either).

That's a BIG Christmas Tree to light, Bob! (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob" starts putting up his display the same weekend...but he just keeps adding, as time moves on. His annual display is always it "a work in progress."

In case you missed all the pictures last Sunday night, you can catch up by clicking here!

It's FedEx Pat's display, in the snow.... (Craig Allen photo).

You may recall that "Weatherman Dan" Zarrow predicted that we'd have some snow on the ground across New Jersey last that night, I trudged out into the fresh (light) Jersey snow to capture the colorful lights in fleeting "winter wonderland" splendor!

"Its all cold out along the boardwalk"...I mean, by the manger! (Craig Allen photo).

I'm not sure who was freezing more that night...the "babe in the manger," or your author minus gloves (its difficult to snap pictures, wearing heavy winter gloves).

Rudolph's pals are just fine in the snow and the Jersey cold! (Craig Allen photo).

Um...guys...the reindeer stalls are warm, and just up the street at Bob's place. Comet and Vixen and the rest of the team are waiting for you!

Let's head "Cornershow Bob's" way, camera in hand...

PSE&G is giving thanks for Cornershow Bob's light-a-palooza! (Craig Allen photo).

I told Santa's wayward reindeer (above)...

"On Comet...on Vixen!" There's room for all at the "deer inn." (Craig Allen photo).

...that there would be room at the stable!

He's come to Cornershow's yard "bearing" a gift! (Craig Allen photo).

This little guy is filled with the "its better to give than to receive" holiday spirit!

The blue hue is new for 2014! (Craig Allen photo).

As we get closer to the magical day, Christmas Day, "Cornershow Bob" just keeps adding to his display...

Hey Santa....what are you doing in Pat's front yard?

Ho-Ho-Ho! (Craig Allen photo).

Your "Jersey landing strip" is in Bob's front yard!

Candy Canes and lights mark Santa's landing strip. (Craig Allen photo).

Never mind that G-P-S, Kris Kringle...Bob Williams will be hanging out with Big Joe on Christmas Eve...he'll talk you in from the New Jersey 101.5 "Santa Tracking Station!"

In the meantime, enjoy the lights!

(Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob" and "FedEx Pat" are "stars" in my neighborhood...and on!

Thanks, guys! Your efforts bring us know. (Craig Allen photo).