For the past few years, my neighbors "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" have been "stringing up the lights."

Bob's display at far left...a car stopping for a look...Pat's display closer, on the right. (Craig Allen photo).

The whole neighborhood (and all passersby) enjoy the nightly display!

The ritual begins during the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend...

(to see more "set-up" from last weekend, click here!)

"FedEx Pat" stringing up the lights. (Craig Allen photo).

"FedEx Pat" finishes his display Thanksgiving weekend...

"Cornershow Bob" stringing up the lights. (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob" gets started, and just keeps adding to his "show" right up to Christmas Eve! Maybe, even Christmas Day1

Can you "bearly" contain your excitement? (Craig Allen photo).

New for 2014: The Christmas Bear...and so much more!

Wearing his "howl-a-day" collar, Rocky gets in on the action! (Craig Allen photo).

Bob's wife Ginny does "Man's Best Friend!"

As darkness falls, the real show gets underway!

Approaching "Cornershow Bob's" display, in progress... (Craig Allen photo).


    Bob told me that the house would be lit up in blue... (Craig Allen photo).

From another angle:

Santa's landing strip awaits! (Craig Allen photo).

On Christmas Eve, Bob Williams will be in the "Santa Tracking Station," and he will be able to guide the "Jolly Guy in Red" right to Cornershow's front yard!

MORE lights! (Craig Allen photo).

Above, a view from the side yard... Do I see a ladder? Yup...this display is not done...

Reindeer, and...look...its the Christmas bear! (Craig Allen photo).

And, soon, Bob will be playing Christmas music, as you drive or walk by...but that doesn't translate well into pictures!

Lets head to Bob's "friendly competitor's" place!

The light-up candy canes along the driveway are new this year. (Craig Allen photo).

"FedEx Pat's" display is "complete" for this year. The light streams trailing off from the BIG star on the top roof are also new to the display for 2014.

PSE&G is giving thanks for Pat's light display! (Craig Allen photo).

Below: a bunch of Jersey "wise guys..."

"Away in a manger." (Craig Allen photo).

"Seasons Greetings" indeed!

Two stars. one picture. (Craig Allen photo).

"FedEx Pat's" and "Cornershow Bob's" annual Christmas light displays are something our whole neighborhood looks forward to each year!

And I know that you readers of our articles here at enjoy the displays, too!

One one picture, sums it up:

(Craig Allen photo).