Like clockwork, each year during the Thanksgiving neighborhood magically starts to look a lot like Christmas!

For the past few holiday seasons, I have been writing about the "friendly competition" between the now world-famous "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob," here at

As I was heading into New Jersey 101.5 to do my Saturday afternoon show, yesterday, I caught the start of the annual "stringing up the lights." Click here for yesterday's opening salvo...I mean, account.

Yesterday, it was 32 degrees in, its a balmy 50. So now, its (really) ON!

FedEx Pat stringing the lights, on the lower level. (Craig Allen photo).

Meanwhile, much of the yard display is already in place...

Santa says "Ho-Ho-Ho! "  The jolly guy in red "sleighs" me! (Craig Allen photo).

At least, you know that THIS deer will never...

As Jersey drivers, we KNOW what this is... (Craig Allen photo).

...jump out in front of your car, as you are driving by admiring the Christmas displays!

This star looks spectacular at night! (Craig Allen photo).

By late morning, even the "Shooting Star" is in place for 2014!

All of this display-making is hard work! Check out some of the necessary "supplies!" (Craig Allen photo).

Not all of FedEx Pat's lights are white icicles...

Multi-color light strings fan out from many trees in the front and side yard! (Craig Allen photo).

As Pat gets ready to put the BIG star on the second story roof...

Checking all the lights before hoisting the star to the top of the house... (Craig Allen photo).

...lets head down the street to "Cornershow Bob's" place!

"Cornershow Bob" is stringing multi-colored lights in his trees! (Craig Allen photo).

As in past years, the outcome is the same: a SPECTACULAR display!

But, Pat and Bob have somewhat different philosophies in getting their displays done...

Pat's display goes up in two days. He will be finished tonight. That's it. No additions.

Bob's "Candy Cane Landing Strip" for Santa is in place...waiting for Kris Kringle! (Craig Allen photo).

Bob's display is a continuous "work in progress." Now that he has started, "Cornershow" will be adding to his display, right up to Christmas Eve!

Check back often, to watch the progress...the many changes and additions to Bob's display!

Pat is wrestling with the BIG star... (Craig Allen photo).

Checking back with FedEx Pat...

Centering the star on the peak of the roof. (Craig Allen photo).

...the BIG star is in place..and what's left is the "finishing touches" by...

FedEx Pat's display by night! (Craig Allen photo).


Cornershow Bob is making fast progress by night one... (Craig Allen photo).

Of course, no photo can really show all the color and detail...especially Bob's lights above.

At about 6:00 this evening, as I'm quickly (and quietly) shooting the night photos, Pat and Jen were still working in their yard, as were Bob and Ginny.

Next time, I won't be in a rush to get to New Jersey 101.5 to do the the next set of photos won't be "hand held" in a low light level. Can you say "tripod?" I thought so.

There will be MANY more pictures in the weekends to come, here at!

Thanks to FedEx Pat and Cornershow Bob, this is the "most wonderful time of the year" in my neighborhood!

PSE&G gives thanks, too!