First Christmas Lights were in New Jersey
Thomas Alva Edison was called "The Wizard Of Menlo Park."  And, this prolific inventor certainly wasn't afraid to enhance his reputation through attention-getting stunts!
Edison created the incandescent light bulb in 1879.
During the Christmas season of 1880, he assemb…
Craig Allen’s Kindergarten Thanksgiving Masterpiece
I could not wait to get home!
I ran all the way from the bus door to my front door.  I couldn't wait to show my mother the picture that I had drawn (and colored) at school, that day before Thanksgiving!  You see, I was the oldest child, so everything I did at school was exciting and ne…
Make Craig Allen’s (MOM’s) Apple Pie for Thanksgiving
Put the store-bought pumpkin pie back in the freezer where it belongs. Your family will give thanks when you serve this apple pie at your Thanksgiving dinner!
A couple years ago, after I picked a bumper crop of apples off the trees in the backyard, I asked my mom if she had an apple pie recipe...

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