Its ON!

I'm rushing to get to New Jersey 101.5 for my show this afternoon, and as I pass "FedEx Pat's" house, I have to slam on the brakes!

With the temperature in Hillsborough hovering around the freezing mark, I figured that Pat, and his wife Jen, would stay inside today.


Its a work in be finished...tomorrow! (Craig Allen photo).

Some of the lawn displays were going up...and Pat assures me that the house lights will be strung tomorrow...when its a balmy 50!

I've been writing about this friendly competition, here on, for the past few years. And, now that its "on"...there's so much more HO-HO-HO fun  to come!

FedEx Pat and Cornershow Bob light up the neighborhood each year! (Craig Allen photo).

Thanks to "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob"...

It really is a wonderful time of the year...especially in my neighborhood!