If this were like any other year, the "rigging up the lights" would start bright and early Friday morning...after the turkey coma wears off!

But, this isn't just any year...for Cornershow Bob.

The excitement is growing, in my neighborhood!

Cornershow Bob takes just a moment to rest! (Craig Allen photo).

Cornershow Bob has been slaving away early...untangling the light strings...replacing the burned out bulbs...and rigging 'em up!

"Oh, Christmas Tree...Oh, Christmas Tree!" (Craig Allen photo).

And, Cornershow Bob will just keep adding to his display, right up til Christmas Day!

Can you "bear"ly stand it! JOY! (Craig Allen photo).

FedEX Pat was taking advantage of a few hours of daylight, late this afternoon...

"Up On The Roof" (Craig Allen photo).

...he will be working all weekend...for the traditional "Big Unveil" on Sunday night.

"Watch for it!"

Oh...and one more thing...as the radio show gets underway this evening, I get a message from Mrs. Cornershow Bob...Ginni says:

"Something so sweet just happened to my hubby. Some of the neighbors children came down to our house with a cup of Hot Chocolate for Bobby because they love his Christmas lighting display. Thank you guys. You made my husbands day!!  You guys are very sweet. Wait until the house is done in all its glory!!"

I love my neighborhood!