Each year at this time, my neighbors, "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob," light up the night!

All of us look forward to the displays...and what NEW things are added!

Its Day #3...

It's "Ho-Ho-Ho!" (Craig Allen photo).
"Up close and personal" with Rudolph and that "wonderful nose!" (Craig Allen photo).

"FedEX Pat" and Jen (Mrs FedEX) have been very busy over the last 24 hours...

Frosty and friend have stopped by for the holidays! (Craig Allen photo).
The Wise Men are on duty, too. (Craig Allen photo).

...and it looks like (as promised) they are almost done!

The "Christmas Shoes?" (Craig Allen photo).

I'm assuming that the shoes aren't a permanent part of the display...!

Oh...just wait til the sun goes down!

The "shooting star" is really something to behold...and (like Big Joe Henry), the roof of "FedEX Pat's" home...can be seen "from outer space!"


Ginni and Jen, and a friend! (Craig Allen photo).

Ginni (Mrs. "Cornershow Bob") has seen, and shared, my nj1015.com posts over the last few days, and promises on social media:

"We'll get things up and running...It won't be everything but we'll start to make it happen."

Feel the...

(Craig Allen photo).

...and stay tuned!