For years I would hear about people racing to and from airports around holidays and think "those poor suckers!"

Well now that I am one of those poor suckers who has two of my kids out of town, I know what a pain it is. I also know what a joy it is of getting to appreciate every moment you have with your loved one anytime you have the chance to be together.

My daughter came home for Easter weekend and we had such a good time. It was hectic. Between picking her up at 1am on Saturday morning to trying to fit in all the family and friends she could in two day, it gets exhausting. My son and his wife come home for a weekend in about three weeks and I can't wait for that too.

It certainly makes you appreciate them more and them you.

For all of you who have close family out of town, I finally feel your pain. I'm hoping it comes to an end sooner than later and they find jobs back home or at least close to home. Until then I'll FaceTime as often as I can, text, call, email and cherish every moment when I do get a chance to have them home.

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