As we enter a new week under Murphy's lockdown, distance, masks, limited gatherings among all the things we've been told will "stop the spread", I thought it was time to share some helpful links.

As I've been saying for many months now, the virus that hit its peak back in April 2020 is simply not a public health emergency and hasn't been for a long time. Whether the panickers in your life want to accept it or not, humanity is simply going to have to live with coronavirus the same way we live with the flu.

The current debate about how to "safely" open school is perhaps the most glaring absurdity we're seeing. Kids are almost completely unaffected by COVID. They have been proven through months of mounting evidence not to be "super-spreaders" AND we've learned from the schools that stayed open throughout the pandemic, teachers are more protected and have less chance of needing medical care than other workers. But here we are with Monday marking Day 323 of 15 days to stop the spread.

While the rest of the nation seems to be normalizing, crowded restaurants and normal school days, New Jersey lags way behind. People ask me what they can do to help. My answer is simple: One by one, stand up for facts and talk to people in your inner circle, especially your kids. Don't let them be swayed by the click-bait media and the money grabbing and politically connected docs pushing a vaccine that for most is completely unnecessary.

Read and help educate the COVIDiots who continue to cower in fear over a recategorized flu. Here are some helpful links:

Masks do nothing to stop the spread of viruses. (Read that HERE)

There's an argument being made that this may not have even been an actual pandemic. (Read that HERE and HERE)

Read and think before you vax!

  • Read article #1 HERE.
  • Read article #2 HERE.
  • Read article #3 HERE.
  • Read article #4 HERE.
  • Read article #5 HERE.
  • Read article #6 HERE.
  • Read article #7 HERE.

The PCR Test, which has been used to perpetuate the so-called health emergency, is totally inaccurate and should not be used on healthy people. (Read that HERE)

Lockdowns are the real killers. (Read that HERE)

Is Biden really listening to science or catering to the mob? (Read that HERE and HERE)

OPEN ALL SCHOOLS. No masks. No distance. (Read that HERE)

Aaaaand, no kidding, hydroxychloroquine works. How many died before the medical elites came clean? (Read that HERE)

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