A few years ago NJ State Senator Peter Barnes began work on legislation that would protect employees who felt they couldn't make it in during bad weather. When weather is so bad that a state of emergency is declared, Barnes idea was that no worker should have their job threatened and have to choose between work and their lives.

In his own words, Barnes said, "Many workers feel compelled to head out in bad weather so they are not punished by their employers. New Jerseyans should be able to make an objective decision to drive during a storm that reflects their own and their family's safety rather than a fear of retribution by an employer or a loss of sick or vacation time."

Jobs such as first responders would be excluded from these protections.

How many people in New Jersey will be facing this dilemma come tomorrow morning? To go or not to go, that will be the question. You never want to look like a bad company man. But aren't there businesses that make little sense to open their doors when their store traffic will be practically zero? Not to mention the road crews can do a far more effective job in clearing our highways without employees of shoe stores and pet grooming salons clogging those roads and spinning out in ditches.

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