The day the mandatory closure of movie theaters was announced, it made sense. Some theaters‘ idea of every other seat being off-limits just wasn’t cutting it for social distancing. But what aboutthe Delsea Drive-In where everyone is in their own cars?

It seems like it doesn’t get much more isolated than that. And in an article from The Daily Journal, co-owner Jude DeLeonardis even said they were willing to keep cars more separated. Even the concession stand would have had no line. Customers could order and pay online then be sent an alert to their cars to come get their food one at a time.

So why is the Delsea Drive-In Theater not open? Because the owners are good citizens. The governor had recommended an 8 p.m. curfew for non-essential businesses at the time.

“That was it. They made the decision for me,” DeLeonardis told The Daily Journal.

Another piece of South Jersey culture temporarily gone, workers there are keeping busy making some renovations. A posting on the drive-in's website reads: “We will reopen when permitted to reopen. We anxiously wait to see you all again.”

A sentiment shared by many in these crazy times.

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