Maybe you think you know a lot about U.S. Sen. Cory Booker. Maybe you know that he's (inexplicably) running for president, used to be the mayor of Newark, wears superhero capes and runs into burning buildings, dates an actress, etc.

What you maybe don't know is that he's being stopped by TSA constantly in our nation's airports. Why? He opened up about the reason in an interview in Cosmopolitan and I have to admit, as a white guy I learned something I never knew.

Turns out many black guys suffer a shaving problem where using a straight edge razor will have their skin breaking out in painful bumps according to Booker. What's this have to do with TSA? Stay with me now.

"There's something called Magic Shaving Powder which a lot of black men use," Booker told Cosmo. "So I shave with this stuff, which you mix the powder up, which always gets me stopped in security lines and TSA. They're like, 'Hi, Senator Booker...Senator Booker, what is this?' And they're like, 'It's a powder. It's a colored powder!' Then police dogs get called in, I'm up against the wall. It's just terrible."

Okay, this is interesting and I feel for these guys that have this. It's something I never knew about. But if they know Senator Booker by name at TSA are we to really believe they have him "up against the wall?" I know Cory Booker has a flair for the dramatic. I don't doubt he gets questioned and called out on this all the time. I just have to wonder how harsh the treatment actually is.

On the shaving problem, Booker says the silver lining is he only needs to shave every other day. "On the days I don't, it's like freedom. I get up, shower, out. Shower, bar soap, out."

Cory Booker still uses bar soap?

"Then if I have to shave, there's a routine that goes shaving cream, shave, Magic Shaving Powder. It's a pain in the neck."

First world problem? Maybe not. Keep in mind Booker has to shave his whole head, too.

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