This list isn’t strictly about novel coronavirus. It’s a list from Homeland Security on preparedness for any type of pandemic. Since we’re here at the doorstep of a coronavirus pandemic it applies.

This is a list of what you ought to have in your home just in case. It is strongly recommended by the federal government.

  • 2 week supply of water
  • 2 week supply of food
  • A stock of over the counter cold medicines, Tylenol, electrolytes, vitamins, etc.
  • Refills of prescription drugs (don’t let them get to a one or two day supply in case pharmacies become overrun)
  • Copies of your medical records and pharmacy records

Further advice from the CDC says you don’t need to be wearing a face mask if you’re well. Only those who are sick should wear one. More CDC advice here.

In addition experts say to stock up on household cleaners, tissues, hand soap and hand sanitizer.

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