The complete shutdown was unnecessary in my opinion. If you take some time to listen to the docs, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists, it’s clear that there was a better way.

With the next virus wave coming at some point, and the next one, and the one after that, we’ll either be in perpetual shutdown or we’ll finally wake up and go back to normal. Either way, for me, things have changed.

As you know, I haven’t worn a mask since the crisis started. Too much evidence of the danger to your own health and virtually no evidence that covering your face all day is helping anyone else. Instead, we get political talking points that refute what the WHO, the CDC and even Dr. Fauci were saying from go: masks are for medical teams and first responders operating in high risk areas.

Did the science change in a few weeks? Of course not, but since the curve was flattened, in lockdown and no-lockdown areas, the politicians, greedy for power, had to find another symbol of their crisis acting. So we have the masks and indefinite social distance. Will we shut down again in the fall when we’re hit with round two and three? Bad flu season? For me, I’m not waiting to find out.

My personal no-mask policy has lead to a great change in behavior that has actually made life more convenient: shopping online for groceries. At first, I thought it would be more expensive and online grocery delivery was for the "upper class." I was way off. The delivery charge is only $4! Groceries arrive in less than two hours. And you can shop the entire store. I love it. No mask, no crowds, no fighting for a parking spot. No standing in line and then having to run back for the one thing you forgot.

This is our new normal for sure. Too bad it took a pandemic to discover this luxury. The only exception? Farm stands. Because you’re not gonna find the same level of fresh produce in the grocery store.

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