I know it sounds cruel or that I don’t care about animals but the fact is we NEED to kill deer. Especially in Monmouth County where they are becoming a huge invasive problem because of development and the limitations on deer hunting.

Even though it seems like a surprise to many people who read about it, it is legal to kill deer with a bow and arrow in many Monmouth County parks during bow and arrow season.

A woman on a neighborhood app I use mentioned seeing two men looking for a deer they had killed with a bow and arrow in a section of the Monmouth County park called 80 Acres Park.

She had no idea that Monmouth County parks allow hunting of this kind. And hunters are being encouraged to get out there and get as many as they can, especially since new development has had the deer encroaching on homes and property like they never have before.

Yes, there are those who say we have moved into their habitat, but after all, we are humans and are more important in the food chain.

It’s sad to think about a deer being killed and I know people hate to hear it but “culling the herd,” as it is called, is actually doing a favor to the deer population.

We’re protecting them from getting hit by cars and becoming roadkill and also allowing the remaining population of deer to have enough food to eat.

We need to kill as many as we can now before the hunting season is over.

There are many animals in this world that are beautiful and special. But hunting is legal in New Jersey and it needs to be done since citizens of New Jersey have to take a priority over animals.

Human beings do have dominion over animals, after all. Although people are surprised by this, bow-and-arrow hunters are allowed in many Monmouth County parks every day except Sundays through Feb. 16, and there are two shotgun dates in January, according to The Patch.

The last dates for deer hunting using a shotgun or muzzleloader in Hartshorne Woods Park is Jan. 8. The last date for hunting at Thompson Park is Jan. 10.

Those two parks shut down entirely on those days. Hunters must be out of the parks by noon.

All Monmouth County parks are open right now for bow and arrow season. We need to hunt more deer to improve quality of life for both the remaining deer and the human beings of New Jersey.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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