Todd Rundgren is an influential singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer who had five Top 40 hits (plus another song, “Bang The Drum All Day” that is played at virtually every sports arena in the country). As As a producer, he helmed such albums as “Bat Out of Hell” and albums by Grand Funk Railroad and Badfinger. His biggest hits as a recording artist were “Hello, It’s Me” which hit #5 in 1973, and “I Saw The Light” which peaked at #16 in 1972.

“Can We Still Be Friends" wound up at number 29 in 1978. But he had another long forgotten hit that started his career, and that is the song I asked Big Joe to play for me. That song, “We Gotta Get You a Woman,” was Rundgren’s first hit. It was credited to his band Runt, but Rundgren wrote, produced, and play multiple instruments on the record. “We Gotta Get You A Woman” gave Rundgren his first taste of success, peaking at #20 in 1970, so it was a pretty big hit, but you never hear it played any more. You won’t hear it on Big Joe’s show, either, as he dismissed my request.

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