I know I'm supposed to say the right thing.  Be a booster.  I could speak of how great the fact that the Miss America Pageant is back in Atlantic City.  I can't. I have to be honest.  I've always found it ridiculous.  Not just the Miss America Pageant.  Any beauty pageant for that matter.  I find them pious, pretentious, and mean spirited not to mention often hypocritical.

Historically a pageant like the Miss America Pageant carefully calls itself not a beauty contest but a scholarship program.  Which brings out a big "whatever" from me.  If it weren't a beauty pageant you wouldn't parade them around in gowns and swimsuits.

So when something goes wrong with the ridiculous pageants it's all the funnier to me.  Here are my top 5 favorite pageant fails.

Miss Teen USA 2007 South Carolina can't answer a simple question:

Miss Utah 2013 Q & A Fail

Miss World Takes a Tumble

High heels is not this girl's  friend

Huh???? What the heck happened here??