If you're a bit squeamish when it comes to anything that crawls, this probably isn't for you.

However, if you're fascinated by all the creepy crawlers that usually tend to go unnoticed by most, then you'll appreciate this. Meet NJ's polyphemus moth.

Polyphemus moths are huge! They're bigger than the average moth and can be found all over the northeast.

If you have ever witnessed flying eyeballs with wings coming at you, then you've already been acquainted.

Polyphemus moths, once you take a good look at them, are actually quite beautiful. Some of these silk moths even have interesting colors on their wings such as pink and blue.

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You may be asking yourself what the deal is with us sharing some details about these specific flying insects. Well, the internet has certainly taken notice of them lately.

A video is currently making the rounds on social media featuring a woman who essentially fostered a bunch of polyphemus moth caterpillars after the mother sought refuge with this lady. You may think it's a bit weird to foster baby caterpillars, but in the video, the woman explains how rare it is for all of this specific type of moth's eggs to actually make it all the way to adulthood.

A fun fact about these moths, the patterns on their wings that usually resemble eyeballs are actually there for a reason. Believe it or not, they're meant to scare off various predators to give the insect a fighting shot at life. Cool, huh?

You don't have to worry, though. If you see them flying around NJ and Pennsylvania more frequently this summer, you don't have to freak out. Okay, you can shriek a little if bugs aren't your thing. They won't hurt you, though.

Check out this woman's incredible experience with raising Polyphemus moths:

Source: Facebook, BirdsAndBlooms.com

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