Here in the great Garden State, we are fortunate to be surrounded by some world-class restaurants with highly-trained chefs, terrific waiters and waitresses, wonderful menus, and truly amazing views.

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And, on the flip side, when you need a snack after being out all night drinking with your friends, you really don't care who's open as long as they have food (disco fries, anyone?) -- and those places are everywhere in New Jersey, too.

With summertime here and the shore towns overflowing with hungry people, we recently took to the internet to tackle a big project: finding the single-best restaurant in every single Jersey Shore town.

To assemble our catalog, we looked at all kinds of reviews online - a mixture of Google, Yelp, Facebook, OpenTable, etc., and compared them to other restaurants in the same city.

Disco fries on a diner menu in New Jersey - Photo: Chris Coleman
Disco fries on a diner menu in New Jersey - Photo: Chris Coleman

Each ranking was unscientifically weighed, meaning that if one place had a 5.0 with ten reviews and another restaurant had a 4.6 with 500 reviews, we considered the 4.6 to be the better restaurant, based mainly on having a larger sample size.

The fun part is that there are all kinds of restaurants up and down the Jersey Shore and this list covers them all.

Restaurant table - Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash
Restaurant table - Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

A few diners are listed below, some casual spots, some pizza places, some fancy restaurants, and one or two dive bars -- they're all there and they're loved by lots of people.

This list covers the entire Jersey Shore from Sandy Hook down to Cape May and is in alphabetical order by town, not geographical (i.e. North Wildwood and West Wildwood are listed far apart).

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