President Trump accomplished something rare in politics and world diplomacy Wednesday. He effectively stood up to our enemy and silenced his critics in one speech.

After our military installation in Iraq was attacked by the rogue, terror-sponsoring regime in Tehran, Trump took command of the situation and showed actual leadership.

First, he took out of the criminal coward terrorist lead Quassem Soleimani, whom the Pentagon has linked to more than 600 American military deaths. His killing was a welcome event for many Iranians living in the US.

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Then, Trump called on the international community to join the US in holding Iran accountable, stopping it from acquiring nuclear weapons and shutting down its terrorism network. Trump also smartly condemned the useless and destructive Iran nuclear deal signed by President Barack Obama in 2013, blaming the deal for giving Iran about $150 billion, which clearly enabled them to acquire the very missiles they launched at U.S. troops. Trump was strong and smart to pull out of the Iran deal. He was smart to take out one of the leading terrorists in the world. He was smart to call on our allies to hold Iran accountable for their actions. And it was brilliant to give the Iranians a chance to capitulate.

Trump and America win on all fronts here. If the Iranians do in fact stand down, we can crush them economically through the announced sanctions and starve the terrorists of funding. If they attack us again, Trump will have no choice - and very likely full international support - to hit them hard. See the president's remarks today here:

For their part, New Jersey's U.S. senators, Cory Booker and Bob Menendez, tried desperately talking about diplomacy and easing tensions. In the face of real leadership from Trump, Booker and Menendez look like clueless children. We cannot have diplomacy without a strong military to back up words with power. We cannot de-escalate tensions when the Iranians are chanting "death to America."

It's ludicrous and embarrassing to think that we have two senators in New Jersey who are more interested in political talking points than actual solutions. What they should have done is congratulated the President for killing a "monster, " as Trump refers to Soleimani, and then discussed the best way for Democrats and Republicans work together to end the Iran threat once and for all. Trump is doing it, despite the political posturing of two ambitious but weak men who do not deserve the honor to represent the great state of New Jersey.

FYI: Booker has to face re-election in 2020 (as soon as he realizes his presidential ambitions are a non-starter) and Menendez will have to face the voters in 2024. It's time to stop pandering to useless politicians who are more interested in their own egos and power to actually serve the public good.

Hopefully, both of them will be looking at early retirement. It's up to you. Vote.

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