Some sweet patriotic woman on a buy, trade and sell site posts a picture of herself and wishes everyone a Happy President's Day. She didn't mention Trump or anything political, just reverence for the day and the office. Well, of course the vultures pounced and made fun of the woman's appearance, Trump, Trump supporters, etc. Once again the group that preaches tolerance shows that they are the least tolerant among us.

Donald Trump is the most arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic, immature, at times vulgar and least presidential of all of the Presidents in modern history. He is almost the most effective. You don't have to like his personality to see that much of what he is doing is good for the country. Maybe we don't need a phony, pandering, glad handing, seemingly gracious man to get the job done. Sometimes when you're the boss it helps to be an ass**** to be effective. You may not want that in a son-in-law or next door neighbor, but when it comes to getting difficult s*** done, it works.

It's stunning to watch the amount of pure unadulterated hatred reach such levels that it justifies vilifying, dismissing and ridiculing anything associated with this President with a level of condescension and meanness that we've never seen before. It's not a good idea to engage in idolatry of a political figure nor unabashed raw hatred either. If you're not mature enough to do that, then keep your embarrassingly immature comments off of social media. Your kids are watching!

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