Just in time for Halloween, there’s a list of each state’s most common superstition and, honestly, I find New Jersey’s to be kind of disappointing.

The research was done for a gambling website and it found that New Jersey’s most common superstition isn’t one of bad luck, but rather one of good luck: that a ladybug brings good luck.

Photo by Adrian RA on Unsplash
Photo by Adrian RA on Unsplash

The survey found that a good 65% of Americans have some sort of superstition, with the most common nationally that throwing salt over your shoulder brings good luck.

Using the Google AdWords platform, they analyzed search volume trends for more than 200 terms related to superstitions associated with both good luck and bad luck. The results represent the most disproportionately popular terms in every state.

In February 2021, they also surveyed 1,016 Americans between the age of 18 - 75 to ask them about their belief in superstitions: 60% were female and 40% were male and the average age of respondents was 38.

The research included terms associated with both good and bad luck. Oddly enough, while 83% of respondents said that they have experienced good luck, only 50% said that they’d experienced bad luck. For example, 37% thought Friday the 13th was bad luck and 34% feel that St. Patrick’s Day brings good luck.

People in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida also searched the most for ladybugs. The second most common term was bad luck coming in threes (six states) and in third there was a tie between Friday the 13th and lucky rabbit’s foot (five states).

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. Any opinions expressed are Bill Doyle's own.

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