The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is out today, giving men everywhere a reason to rejoice this Valentine's Day! Generally speaking Valentine's Day is a holiday that benefits the ladies more so than the men but this year the guys got an extra special gift from one of the most popular magazine issues .

2012 Swimsuit SI cover

This years swimsuit cover model is the beautiful Kate Upton. The cover of the  magazine was unveiled last night during the David Letterman show. Gitty males will be waiting anxiously for the mailman to arrive this week to see the scantily-clad Upton gracing the cover. So ladies, if you are looking for a last minute gift for your men..hint, hint....

The models had some fun with the unveiling last night as they participated in the famous 'top 10 list.' Here is the list as well as the footage from the skit as well.

Top Ten Reasons This Year's "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue Is The Best One Ever


10. Julie Henderson: "Ten Models, nine swimsuits"


9.Jessica Gomes: "Where else can you see nearly naked women, except everywhere on the internet"


8.Ariel Meredith: "I licked every issue"


7.Alyssa Miller: "Forget Number 7 -- I just want to stand here and look hot"


6.Chrissy Teigen: "Every subscriber gets a personal visit from the ten of us" (Unconfirmed)


5.Genevieve Morton: "Like the Late Show, 'Sports Illustrated' is made from 99% recycled material"


4.Isabel Goulart: "Because I said so, dammit"


3.Jessica Perez: "Four of us are married to Newt"


2.Kate Upton: "The art department was able to airbrush my mustache"


1.Irina Shayk: "It's not in 3D, but it looks like it is"

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