Recent polls confirm Newark Mayor Cory Booker continues to have a huge lead over three rivals in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary contest in New Jersey, and some analysts are wondering why those other candidates are even bothering to stay in the race.


"They are surrounded by people that are telling them how great and competent and experienced they are, and of course, they then think that, 'sure I can become the next U.S. Senator,'" says Montclair State University political science professor Dr. Brigid Harrison.

"There's a bit of ego involved in politics, and it's clear that many of these individuals seriously under-estimated the draw that would be Booker, particularly with the media, but also in fund-raising."

Dr. Harrison adds even if Booker goes on to a landslide victory the way everyone expects, and then goes on to win big in the General Election, it won't really hurt the careers of those other Democratic candidates, Congressmen Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver.

"Many people recognize this for the uphill battle that it is, and they are still popular in their respective districts," says Harrison.

She also says it's hard enough to get people in New Jersey to pay attention to a political race in July, when they're mostly thinking about going to the beach.

"But getting that kind of political traction when there is someone of the magnitude of Booker in the race is even more difficult."