How's that legal marijuana you're smoking?

What's that? Marijuana's not legal yet in New Jersey? Really?

Jim Gearhart briefly reflected on the Murphy longstanding administration promise that's, well, right now more smoke than fire when a viewer of his weekly Facebook Live show asked about New Jersey Assistant Health Commissioner Jeff Brown's endorsement of medicinal marijuana for those suffering from opioid withdrawal.

After all, legal recreational marijuana was supposed to be a slam dunk — it was one of now-Gov. Phil Murphy's chief campaign pledges, and he came into office joined by a Democratic legislature that was ostensibly on board. State Sen. Nick Scutari once predicted pot would be legal within the first 100 days of the governor's term.

Well, 100 days have come and gone. And gone. And gone. We're nearly two years into the Murphy administration, and despite a lot of negotiations and compromises, legal marijuana has yet to happen.

Our own Eric Scott has argued Murphy comes up awfully short on big-ticket accomplishments. (Murphy also, notably, has never managed to get his vision of a millionaire's tax past the legislature, another big swing and miss.)

"Everybody's looking for a legacy," Jim says during the show, live on Facebook every Thursday at 10:30 a.m., and available here as a podcast every week. "I don't know that this (administration) will have one. It'll be kind of like the Corzine administration. Nobody remembers it."

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