It's not that I really care what Al-jazeera does with this. Nor do I really care what the enemy thinks about us….or how outraged Hamid Karzai is.

This is more a statement of what we think about ourselves.

Last night during The Late Show, I talked about the video of the marines urinating over the corpses of dead Taliban.  Simply stated, my feeling is and was, that this isn’t who we are.

We're BETTER than that!

This should’t be looked upon as some vindication for the images we’ve seen of how American soldiers were treated.

This is more like something you’d see in “The Hangover” or “American Pie 2”!

The act displayed doesn’t and shouldn’t give us a false sense of self-confidence.

If the image of urinating on dead insurgents is the inspiration our military needs to “fight on”….maybe we’d be better off bringing every man and woman serving abroad home now, and save ourselves the sacrificed lives….not to mention a bloated military budget!

No, this is more about honor. And not just the honor that written about in movie scripts.

Our Marines live by a code. (Sorry about the movie reference!)

Semper fidelis means something to them. (My Godfather Uncle Frankie posted a sticker with the motto in the bakery truck we worked in!)

To them It’s not just an expression; it’s a vocation, a calling if you will.

To besmirch that would be to...well, "urinate" on the service of those who fought before them.