South Brunswick High School was the target of an online clown threat on Wednesday following a social media post that read “wait for Wednesday.”

NJ police in general have been warning parents that their kids shouldn't be planning on being  a clown this Halloween.

It's a crime to scare someone now?

Halloween is around the corner.  Where are the adults?  We're making a huge issue out of nonsense.

So there's a trend of people acting strange wearing a clown mask.  Here's a thought...ignore them!   We've got real issues of crime in our cities, corruption among our politically elite and of course the possibility of our legislators raising the gas tax!

Are clown masks illegal?  To prove the absurdity of the story I've been wearing a clown mask during the 'creepy clown' segments on Chasing News this week.  And even though I have't dressed for Halloween since I was a kid...yup you guessed it, I'll have a clown mask for the Halloween show this year.

Everyone please grow up.

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