Canadian tourism is soaring in South Jersey.

Flickr User Shinya Suzuki

Canadian tourism in Cape May County was up 22 percent in 2012, and by all indications, it is going well again this year.

Why the increase? The strong Canadian dollar is a big factor, especially when compared to the weaker American dollar.

"For the most part of the summer so far, it's been fluctuating between a $1.20 and a $1.40, for our (one) dollar," said Tracy DuFault, director of the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce.

And once Canadians get to the South Jersey shore, they stay for a longer period of time than other tourists. Due to the distance, they are not day-trippers.

"What we find with the Canadian visitor, and with any visitor who comes from a long distance is that the further you drive, the longer you're going to stay," said Diane Wieland, director of the Cape May County Department of Tourism.

The Jersey Shore has long been a major vacation destination for Canadians, especially from Montreal. In fact, New Jersey tourism officials maintain a marketing presence in Canada from year to year. And they attribute some of the attraction to that ongoing marketing effort.

Canadian tourists spend an average of $168 million in New Jersey each year.