Last week, I told you about the Blessing Box food donation program in Neptune and now I have another inspiring story of giving. A caterer in Westville, NJ, found himself out of work due to the pandemic, but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided to try to help others in a similar situation.

Barney Corrigan put a small wooden cabinet filled with non-perishable food in front of his house, free to anyone who needed it. He put a post up on Facebook to spread the word and it quickly took off. Soon the cabinet wasn’t big enough to hold all the donations so he put up a bigger bin, but quickly outgrew that, too. He then started a bi-weekly pantry from his garage as the contributions kept flowing in; someone even donated a truck to help his cause.

The effort, which is now known as Barney’s Place, is in search of a permanent home, so he’s having a fundraiser to get the money. Barney has moved into the pantry truck for his “Lockdown” fundraiser, and he’s going to live in it 22 hours a day while he attempts to raise enough money to give the charity a more permanent location. He’s taking pledges based on the number of hours, or days, he’s able to stay in the truck.

Barney’s Place is accepting pledges and donations through his website and through a GoFundMe account.

Barney told News 12 New Jersey that he has had to turn away donations due to a lack of space, “But if we have a place where we can store everything and it’s organized, it would be amazing.”

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