It’s pretty well known that suspected terrorists will be broken by having loud music blaring at them at certain intervals.

But what to play?

In many cases it would probably be some loud grunge – but every once in a while, something more seemingly benign might pop up on the playlist

Something that you may have heard for the umpteenth time – after which you’d give up your mother if she were being held captive.

US military authorities point to God himself in coming up with the concept of “torture by music.”

According to this piece, a retired US Air Force Lt. tells the St. Petersburg Times how music was used to break down the enemy.

One of the more notable tracks is from the death metal band Deicide, whose track F**k Your God is played at prisoners in Iraq.

As much as I might think the “loud and blaring” would work in the short term – something a little more like the infamous “Chinese water torture” just might do the trick.

That was the method the FBI used when they blasted loud music at the Branch Davidians during the Waco siege in Texas. Things like Sing-Along With Mitch Miller Christmas carols, an Andy Williams album and These Boots Are Made for Walking.

Or perhaps, something like this:

If you really wanted to drive someone crazy – like breaking a prisoner at Guantanamo, what song would you use?

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