You can't even say the name of the drug that's been used to treat so many people around the world for COVID-19. I wrote about it last week and the emails were nonstop. A few people were jackasses, but most wrote in to say they agree and "where can I get some I-------?" The best I can say is do a search online and hope for the best.

My post was about how I had to go underground to find this medication that many doctors have prescribed for their patients and several high-profile people have used to get over the virus quickly and with far less suffering. My family member recovered quickly and dramatically.

I'm not telling anyone to use this drug, but some very prominent physicians are urging other doctors to use it with their patients. It was formulated for use in humans to treat scabies and other parasitic ailments. It even received a Nobel prize in medicine for its record of safety and efficacy.

The media in this country continues to call it a "horse medicine" to downplay its usefulness in fighting COVID for whatever reason.

That's dangerous and here's why.

With the pressure on from whoever the overlords of the medical community are, doctors are now more reluctant to prescribe it and pharmacies are reluctant to fill the prescriptions due to the negative pressure. So, people are going to feed stores and purchasing the drug in the form formulated for livestock, due to being denied access to the human version.

This is madness.

From the beginning of the pandemic there has been little emphasis on prevention through good health and treatment with therapeutics that show promising signs. Stay home and hide and wait for the vaccine, has been the primary messaging and protocol. Finally, at least in the UK, they're taking the promise of this therapeutic somewhat more seriously and Oxford University is finally doing a study. My family did our study two weeks ago and we were impressed and pleased with the results.

A medical professor and practicing physician, who claims to be the most published medical doctor in the world, Dr. Peter McCullough has had success treating patients with I------- and is urging Americans to demand it be prescribed.

He has no interest in its manufacture or distribution. His interest is in getting people better. That's what we thought all doctors got into medicine for. Now many of us are not so sure.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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