It has been a busy winter, and many New Jersey school districts have already used up their allotted snow days for the year.

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Joe Sohm, Getty Images

As a result, many districts are working to re-adjust their calendars to make sure they meet the required 180 days of instructional time in the classroom.

The number of snow days each district sets aside in the academic calendar varies. Some districts may allow for two days, while others may allow for three.

"Some districts have a calendar with no snow days, because they feel that they have enough of a cushion in the event that they are forced to close the schools," said Frank Belluscio, deputy executive director of the New Jersey School Boards Association. "Most school districts have more than 180 days of instruction scheduled, to provide for that cushion."

It is up to the individual school districts to decide how to make up for the snow days if they go beyond the planned number.

"That would mean opening on holidays that they planned to have off, shortening spring breaks or extending the school year further into the month of June," Belluscio said. "Under state law, by June 30 school districts have to have had 180 instructional days."

Whatever the case may be, and no matter how many days off school districts in New Jersey have, Belluscio said the primary concern is always the safety of the students.


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