Another round of snow this week forced schools to close across New Jersey, and if Mother Nature keeps pounding the state, more districts will have to hold classes on days that were originally scheduled as part of spring or summer break.

What will NJ School do to make up for snow days?
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A number of New Jersey school districts have no snow days built into their calendar, meaning any canceled day results in changes. The majority, though, allot for these days off.

According to Frank Belluscio of the New Jersey School Boards Association, when districts go beyond their snow day count, they will either add days on to the end of the year or reduce the length of breaks.

"The 180-day minimum instruction requirement has to be completed by June 30," Belluscio said.

For most schools in the Roxbury Township district, there is one of five snow days left. The high school was evacuated early Tuesday due to an electrical issue, so with the next snow day, the high school's spring vacation will be shortened.

"If more than five days are used for emergency closings, then days will be taken from Spring Recess starting with April 10," the website states.

Belluscio said high schools sometimes have a harder time adding days to the end of the year due to already-scheduled graduation ceremonies.

Dr. Richard Bozza with the New Jersey Association of School Administrators said delayed openings count towards the 180-day rule.

"A lot of times when you have the delay, it gives you an opportunity to continue to evaluate whether or not you really need to close the schools," he added.

The safety of students and staff is the primary concern, according to Bozza, when superintendents are faced with snow day decisions.

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